I haven’t been making much progress with knitting. My 6 year-old son, however, has been making a lot of progress learning how to read. We are having so much fun practicing together. The moment where he realised that g = gh sound and o = oh sound and together they make ‘go’ is going to stay in the top 10 moments of my life.

海丰 & Iron Man

What makes me really overjoyed (and relieved) about this is that this is second shot at kindergarten. Every school day morning was a battle last year, and every day he came home so tense his shoulders were almost touching his ears. I live in a bilingual province, so I sent him to school in French since we speak English at home. He learned to speak some French, but everything else they were learning was too stressful for him, having to first translate in his head what the teacher was saying, then figure out what he was being asked to do. So I switched him to the English stream this year and he can’t wait to go to school in the mornings and he is so proud about his schoolwork now. It’s a shame he’ll probably never be so impeccably bilingual that you can’t tell what his mother tongue is, but seeing him this happy is so worth it.

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