Revisiting a finished object

When I finished my sandbank shawl earlier this summer, I was full of frustration because I couldn’t, or rather didn’t have the patience, to make the edging work for me. It is about 25% the width indicated in the pattern and it’s all ruffled and not in a good way. It’s also narrower than I would like.

Today I decided to frog back to the beginning of the edging. I’m going to reknit it in a simple 1×1 rib, (the ribbing in the pattern is way too fussy and it was impossible for me to memorize). But, since I want a wider shawl, I’ve decided to do some short rows, in 1×1 rib, to add some width (depth?) along the top edge. It’s probably crazy and a bad idea, but I want to see where this goes. And I wasn’t happy with the FO anyways. I love the colour and the main body, I want to use this shawl, not just leave it on a shelf.



It’s been eons, insert lame excuse here, let’s move on. I’m currently working on many, many WIPs. Occasionally I’m finishing projects. My favourite recent FO is the Eyeball Shawl by Stephen West.

Unblocked, just off the needles

I’ve kind of struggled with brioche in the past; adding the shawl on the being-slipped-stitch seemed awkward and counter intuitive to me. Let me add here that I have always most decidedly been a right-handed knitter, a thrower, to be precise. Even in colourwork, I would use my right hand, even if it meant dropping yarn A to pick up yarn B. My left hand has never been very coordinated, so every time I tried continental, left-handed, knitting it was just too frustrating to keep going.

This summer, I decided to try continental knitting again. I just happened to be working on this shawl, and I when I got to the brioche edging, everything suddenly made sense. Brioche, which I had once thought of as awkward and finicky became smooth and efficient, all because I was using my left hand! I will be trying my best to keep knitting continental from now on, even though basic knit and purl are still frustrating for me unless I’m throwing.

My next brioche project will probably be the Askews Me Shawl or Brioche on the Beach.