Revisiting a finished object

When I finished my sandbank shawl earlier this summer, I was full of frustration because I couldn’t, or rather didn’t have the patience, to make the edging work for me. It is about 25% the width indicated in the pattern and it’s all ruffled and not in a good way. It’s also narrower than I would like.

Today I decided to frog back to the beginning of the edging. I’m going to reknit it in a simple 1×1 rib, (the ribbing in the pattern is way too fussy and it was impossible for me to memorize). But, since I want a wider shawl, I’ve decided to do some short rows, in 1×1 rib, to add some width (depth?) along the top edge. It’s probably crazy and a bad idea, but I want to see where this goes. And I wasn’t happy with the FO anyways. I love the colour and the main body, I want to use this shawl, not just leave it on a shelf.

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