12 August 2014

Tuesday 12 August

Guangzhou day twenty-seven

Chen Clan Academy. Really beautiful building that has been well-preserved and is now a very interesting museum. Lots too see, plus many garden courtyards where children are allowed to be children, as opposed to most museums.

11 August 2014

Monday 11 August

Guangzhou day twenty-six

Today we went to Xiao Zhou, a little neighbourhood that has been traditionally home for artists. It is in an old part of Guangzhou; there are no streets, only lanes barely big enough for a bike. Dominic did get a haircut, despite all his protests. The old houses were interesting, but all in all not worth walking around in 40C heat.

10 August 2014

Sunday 10 August

Guangzhou day twenty-five

Quiet day, so it’s just a knitting update. I finished chart two, after wasting many about 5 days correcting a very stupid mistake on my part. I’ve begun chart three, though these pictures are taken at the completion of chart two. I don’t think I will do the beading on this project, I don’t have enough shawl experience to tackle beads.

9 August 2014

Saturday 9 August

Guangzhou day twenty-four

Today we went to Taishan. We visited the Hot Springs resort. Besides the hot springs, they have pools filled with fish that will eat the dead skin off your body. There is some kind of health benefit to that, apparently. We also visited some friends in an old part of town and some farmland nearby. A very beautiful place.

8 August 2014

Friday 8 August

Guangzhou day twenty-three

Went to the museum of Guangzhou, where we saw archaeological excavations going back 2200 years. We saw artifacts from the Nanyue and Nanhan kingdoms, as well as the Jin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Very large museum, a lot to see. There was a re-creation of the royal gardens from the Nanyue kingdom, as well as a Taoist temple.

7 August 2014

Thursday 7 August

Guangzhou day twenty-two

Went to the South China Botanical Gardens. Really beautiful, so huge we spent the whole day there and barely saw half of it. There were greenhouses, some with waterfalls, some with air conditioning (yay!) for arctic plants. There was also a huge orchid garden, but they are not in season apparently, so sad since this is the only season I can visit Guangzhou as long as the kids are in grade school. There is also a lot of wildlife, but which I mean birds, snails, dragonflies, and butterflies, nothing more dramatic than that.

5 & 6 August 2014

Tuesday 5 August

Guangzhou day twenty

Went to the Guangdong Museum Natural History Museum. It is huge, and free. It starts with a geology exhibit, lots of gemstones and jade carvings, then moves on to plant life and animal life. All the animals are stuffed or skeletons, kind of like the Smithsonian. There is a big dinosaur exhibit. Then there was Etruscan exhibit, a First Nations exhibit, Chaozhou wood carving, the list goes on. Something for everyone. I have no pictures because Daphne has decided she doesn’t like museums very much and that running away from parents is much more fun.

Wednesday 6 August

Guangzhou day twenty-one

Went shopping in an older neighbourhood of Guangzhou. These pictures were taken walking back home, on an overpass for pedestrians.

2 August 2014

Saturday 2 August

Guangzhou day seventeen

Dominic was feeling a little under the weather today, so I stayed home with him and Fei and Daphne went fishing and dragon eye picking. Dragon eyes are a fruit similar to lychee, only smaller and brown skin instead of red. They caught a lot of fish, picked a lot of fruit and ate at a countryside restaurant (where they will cook fish that you’ve caught). There was also a little dog to keep Daphne company.

Huge set back on the Evenstar knitting today, I began at row 43, didn’t pick up on the fact that it is a wonky marker row until row 50, when things just looked all wrong. Turns out row 43 and 49 are wonky marker rows, so I have to frog all the work I did yesterday.