5 & 6 August 2014

Tuesday 5 August

Guangzhou day twenty

Went to the Guangdong Museum Natural History Museum. It is huge, and free. It starts with a geology exhibit, lots of gemstones and jade carvings, then moves on to plant life and animal life. All the animals are stuffed or skeletons, kind of like the Smithsonian. There is a big dinosaur exhibit. Then there was Etruscan exhibit, a First Nations exhibit, Chaozhou wood carving, the list goes on. Something for everyone. I have no pictures because Daphne has decided she doesn’t like museums very much and that running away from parents is much more fun.

Wednesday 6 August

Guangzhou day twenty-one

Went shopping in an older neighbourhood of Guangzhou. These pictures were taken walking back home, on an overpass for pedestrians.

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