At long last, I’ll be talking about other projects soon

It’s done! The steek cutting went well, but Felted Tweed doesn’t steek as well as Lopi does. It’s too light and cobweb-y.

Middle-Earthscape 01

I’m really happy about the way it turned out, and the pattern for the sweater is incredible. It’s an amazing pattern for a generic cardigan, I could make this sweater over and over again, just changing the yoke patt to make it different from the last.

Middle-Earthscape 02

I’ve been knitting up a storm (for me, anyway), but I put the Sutton Hoo hat on the backburner because I found my husband’s missing hat from last year and my son doesn’t have a single knitted sweater that fits. I’m already nearly half-way through the Ryuu-ko sweater.

Middle-Earthscape 03

Oh, and happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “At long last, I’ll be talking about other projects soon

  1. Hello, thank you for signing up for my blog! I’m really glad cause I got to discover yours that way 🙂 Your cardigan is awesome (and such bravery with steeking! I’m yet to go down that path…), and it’s really making me think that I need to knit this for myself 🙂

  2. Steeking is actually fun because once it’s cut, everything just kind of works out and you realise you were worrying for nothing. Cityscape’s a very well written pattern, just don’t choose a silk yarn! A 100% wool yarn will not unravel as quickly, which makes it best for steeking.

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